Friday, August 5, 2016

Which one would you prefer - terminate or expire?

Perhaps I might have know this all along but I noticed this when Deepa (legal) called it out. You shouldnt be surprised if I use legal parlance to explain this.

Cheat Code
Terminate is the ending of an agreement as a result of an action by either parties
Expire  is the ending of an agreement without any action required by the parties involved. AUTO-mode

in legal terms, this difference matters. In this specific case (where I learnt), if a MoU is signed between two parties and we use "expire" in the terms and conditions, then neither party has to make any effort any effort at the end of the period. If the word "terminate" is used, then either one has to remember after the end of period. 

Another scenario where the usage is critical is when an inventory is involved. For example, if this is a distributor agreement, at the end of the period, when the agreement expires, the distributor possibly can sell the inventory. If the agreement is terminated, this will not be possible.

  1. My land-lease expires in two-months
  2. I will terminate the contract if you do not comply
  3. Her cat expired last night

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Then or Than?

This is in response to the very first user request in this form. Thank you Mr. Joshi.

To be honest, I was a bit surprised to hear that people often get confused over the usage of 'than' and 'then'.

Cheat Code
Then usually refers to 'time'

  • subsequent or afterwards
  • as a consequence or in that case
  • at that time or that time
Than used to refer 'comparison'

  1. Go straight this road and then turn right. (subsequent or afterwards)
  2. If this is how you feel, then let her go. (as a consequence or in that case)
  3. I carried a six-pack back then! (at that time or that time)
  4. I am taller than most of my friends (comparison)

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Between among and between :P

I thought I had it right but the research has thrown a more subtle difference.

Cheat Code
Between      Is used for choices involving distinct, individual items even if there are more than two items
Among Is used when the items are a part of a group


  1. Alvin is deciding BETWEEN a blue shirt, black shirt and a red shirt v/s Alvin is deciding AMONG these shirts
  2. She chose among the premium cars v/s She chose between a BMW, a Audi and a Ferrari


Saturday, July 23, 2016

To Affect or to Effect

Its been a while. I know. I will have to be more disciplined.

Here you go. To Affect or to Effect.

Cheat Code
Affect Often used a verb
To change or influence
Effect A noun
Something that happens due to a cause


  • Her moods affects her dog
  • Winning a cricket match has a huge effect on Indians
So the question is - did something affect me to take the hiatus or did something had a such an effect me to take the hiatus?


Thursday, February 18, 2016

Industry and Sector

I know - its been a while.

Its the budget time and also the time when we prepare the AOP for the next fiscal. The whole day and night is filled with statements around industry growth and sectoral contribution. I began to wonder - how is one different from the other?

Cheat Code
Industry refers to a specific group of companies or businesses
Example: Information Technology
Sector a larger segment of the economy.
Example: Manufacturing, Service

  1. Apple is in consumer electronics industry and is part of technology sector
  2. Infosys is in information technology industry and part of service sector

Monday, November 23, 2015

Which to use this season? Whether or weather?

This is a common mistake that I come across in official emails - folks often use weather for whether. While preparing the notes for this post, I learned a few things myself

Cheat Code
Weather as a noun: refers to climate
as a verb: withstand something
Whether a word similar to 'if' and connects two possible choices

Weather (noun): I checked the news to find about tomorrow's weather
Weather (verb): The dog weathered five nights in the storm before the owners found him
Whether: I am not sure whether to work or stay home this weekend

Bonus Word
Wether: a castrated sheep


Monday, October 26, 2015

Stationary and stationery

I hadnt noticed the difference between the two before Gayathri (yes - the same one) told me about it. I did a Google search and the result itself is a confirmation on how we tend to use one for the other.

Even Google gets it wrong.

Lets understand the difference.
Cheat Code
Stationary not moving or still
Stationery writing or office supplies (Example: books, notepad, pen)

  • Police ordered the crowd to remain stationary
  • He is in charge of ordering our stationery